Van Norman Ranches

Van Norman Ranches is a fourth generation family owned ranch located in the high desert of northeastern Nevada, a stones throw from the historic town of Tuscarora. We proudly raise quality livestock feed and wagyu/angus cross cattle.

For over sixty years, the high desert of northeastern Nevada has been home to Van Norman Ranches, a ranching and farming enterprise fifty miles northwest of Elko, Nevada. The Van Norman family has always been a steward of the land and prides itself on following the traditions and knowledge established by their parents and grandparents, the late Charlie and Della Van Norman. Seeking to continue those traditions Van Norman Ranches are currently finishing Wagyu/Angus cattle that carry the terrior of the high Nevada desert.

The Van Norman program is rooted in the desire to produce the cleanest, highest quality beef possible. In the summer the cattle graze on the rich upland grasses in the mountains of the northern Great Basin. In the fall, they are fed a home-raised regimen of alfalfa and ground barley. They receive no growth hormones, and only essential vaccinations and medications are administered. As they reach the desired weight and body condition, the cattle are taken to Wolf Pack Meats in Reno for processing.

Wagyu beef, or American-style Kobe beef, originates from the Tajima Wagyu breed, a black breed of cattle descended from European cattle that has thrived in Japan’s Kobe region. This breed is known for its genetic predisposition for intense marbling. The marbling has such a high degree of unsaturated fat that it melts at 77 degrees and gives the meat its cut-with-a fork tenderness.  The majority of the Wagyu or “American Kobe” meat sold in the US is a 50/50 cross between a Wagyu and Angus.  Wagyu contributes its intense marbling; Angus contributes size and growth, resulting in meat that is a significant improvement over 100% Angus. From a nutritional perspective, while there is a higher percentage of marbling, the monounsaturated fat content is significantly higher than in traditional beef breeds and the saturated fat content is lower. Armed with these genetic characteristics and the rich flavor imparted by feed they receive, Van Norman Ranches beef becomes an unsurpassed eating experience. Van Norman Ranches cattle are available in whole, half or quarters, or forty pound boxes. New this year, steak and hamburger packages are also available. The meat can be cut and wrapped to the customer’s specifications. Also, Van Norman Ranches Beef is featured seasonally in Bowl Restaurant and Campo in Reno and the Slanted Porch in Fallon.

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