Kimmie Candy

Kimmie Candy Company is Nevada’s largest candy manufacturer. They distribute throughout the United States and eight countries worldwide. They are a manufacturer of fine-panned candies with several national trademarked brands. Kimmie Candy offers free factory tours. The company is located on the east side of the airport in Reno. They are the biggest little candy factory in the world, located in the biggest little city in the world, Reno.

Kimmie Candy products are 100 percent made in the United States. They are a manufacturer of fine-panned candies in Reno, Nevada. They produce 200,000 pounds of candy per month. Their two main lines are Sunburst and Choco rocks. Sunburst are candy-coated chocolate covered sunflower kernels. Choco rocks are chocolate chunks coated in a candy shell. They also produce candy-coated chocolate-covered almonds, corn nuts,pistachios, espresso beans, dates and flavored Choco rocks.


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