Alpen Sierra Coffee Roasting Company

Founded at Lake Tahoe in 1991, Alpen Sierra is a proud purveyor of its trademark Mountain Roasted Coffee to the Sierra Nevada region’s finest food service establishments and gourmet grocers. Master Roaster Christian Waskiewicz has won several awards for outstanding coffees, as well as travels to origin to source great coffee and volunteer in coffee quality appellation development projects, serving also as an official taster at regional competitions.

Sustainability is one of Alpen Sierra’s primary focuses, which is why we are Organic, Fair Trade, and Rainforest Alliance certified. We believe that being responsible in our purchasing decisions and giving back to the farmers, their families and communities, ensuring health and well-being, and the means to have a good standard of living, is of paramount importance. Guests are welcomed to visit us at our roasting plant and buy direct and fresh coffees from around the globe.

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